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Our Focus

Areas we focus on include building and maintaining a positive attitude and outlook, effective prospecting behaviors and habits, efficient questioning techniques to uncover buying motives, and setting goals, just to name a few from our presenters last year.

Our Monthly Meetings

Our meetings are the first Friday of each month from 7:15am to 9:15am
with a hot breakfast and time for networking.

Our Members

The membership is made up of all industries, positions and company sizes including direct salespeople, business development representatives and sales managers, along with consultants, recruiters and business owners.

Our members enjoy PSA for its active networking and skill development.
After all, we are all in Sales!

2018 Presenters

January 5, 2018 – PSA Annual Sales Conference from 8am to Noon

Keynote Speaker and Author: Sam Richter-Sales Know How

Other Speakers: Scott Plum of Minnesota Sales Institute and Kari Switala of Wild Fig Marketing, Inc.

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Every month a new presenter delivers an informative topic on developing our sales skills and behavior. New insights are learned and professional relationships are built. Not to mention the hot breakfast that is served.

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