The Daily Rituals of the Most Productive, Persuasive Sales Outperformers in the World by Scott Welle

Professional Sales Association Meeting on February 3, 2017 Summary by Sue Filbin Scott Welle, M.S., ITCA, CSCS, PES, PFT Masters degree in kinesiology (sports psychology emphasis) Take-Aways Define your “what” and your “why.” Do the things that matter. Establish blocks of time or “airplane mode” to concentrate on tasks without […]

Scott Welle

Anne Pryor

Make Really Meaningful Connections for Sales Leads on LinkedIn – Try a LinkedIn Party! By Anne Pryor

How many really meaningful networking meetings do you have in a month? Do you know how you can help others by sharing your connections? As an Executive Career Coach and LinkedIn Sales Trainer, I have coached more than 80,000 people to be found for great jobs and profitable business opportunities […]

How to be a Strategic Networker: Save Time and Money, and Improve Results

Wendy Blomseth, Audience Development Account Executive, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal The presenter at the April 1 PSA meeting—Wendy Blomseth—is arguably among the most connected people in the Twin Cities. While Wendy’s usual ebullience shined through her pithy presentation, there were no jokes on this April Fools’ Day about the value […]

Wendy Blomseth

Ursula Mentjes

Seven Sales Blocks that Keep Us in Scarcity

Ursula Mentjes, M.S. Ursula predicted that in the near future, sales professionals will become consultants—subject-matter experts who know something before implementing it successfully for their clients. She contrasted the new degree program in sales at St. Catherine’s University with the common perception that all sales people are like pushy used-car […]


STOP that Presentation Before it Kills Somebody! – Sheila Krejci

Sheila Krejci, M.Ed., HRD Sheila K Consulting, Inc. Presentation coach, leadership trainer and facilitator, DiSC partner STOP that Presentation Before it Kills Somebody! At the very beginning of Sheila Krejci’s November 2015 presentation to PSA, she advised listeners to “…begin with the end in mind, knowing what you want them […]